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Top Web Development Companies

Our experts have researched thousands of web development companies and ranked the best of them based on their project portfolios, case studies, client testimonials, project cost and other criteria. The top three are:

1st place - gold - top software development companies

Digital Silk

Digital Silk is a global digital agency specialized in web design and development. The company creates high-end customized websites for clients across industries. Their experts have worked with the leading brands in various fields, such as NFL, HP and NASA.

2nd place - silver - top software development companies

The Gnar Company Logo

The Gnar Company

The Gnar Company is a product development company that specializes in custom software, mobile applications and responsive website development. Gnar develops marketing and e-commerce websites in different languages such as React and Ruby-on-Rails. They help businesses develop an easy-to-use digital product to boost their website sales.

3rd place - bronze - top software development companies

fingent logo


Empowering businesses with custom web application solutions designed to solve challenges. Fingent is a custom NY based web application development firm that works with enterprise-level agencies delivering web applications tailored to the company and industry needs.

Best Web Development Companies Of 2020

Find the full list of the top-rated web development agencies in the world here. Compare them by average project costs and team sizes and visit their websites for more information:

CompanyWebsiteLocationTeam SizeAverage RateMinimal Budget
1. Digital Silkhttps://www.digitalsilk.comFlorida50 - 99$125/hr
2. The Gnar Company
https://www.thegnar.coMassachusettsUnder 49$150/hr$10,000+
3. Fingent
https://www.fingent.comNew York250 - 499$49/hr$25,000+
4. Altar.iohttps://altar.ioPortugalUnder 49
5. itCraft
6. TinyFrog Technologies
https://tinyfrog.comCaliforniaUnder 49$150/hrInquire
7. Hudson Integrated
https://www.hudsonintegrated.comNew JerseyUnder 49$175/hr$50,000+
8. Comrade Web Agency
https://comradeweb.comIllinoisUnder 49$100/hr$10,000+
9. JCommerce
https://www.jcommerce.euPoland250 - 499$40/hr$10,000+
10. OSOM Agency
https://osom.com.uaUkraineUnder 49$25/hr$10,000+
11. FATbit Technologies
https://www.fatbit.comIndia100 - 249$18/hrUnder $1,000
12. LaSoft
https://lasoft.orgUkraine50 - 99$25/hr$1,000+
13. Galaxy Weblinks Inc.
https://www.galaxyweblinks.comMassachusetts100 - 249$40/hrInquire
14. WebDesk Solution LLC
https://webdesksolution.comNew YorkUnder 49$80/hr$1,000+
15. Steelkiwi Inc.
https://steelkiwi.comCalifornia50 - 99$35/hr$10,000+
16. i-Verve Inc https://i-verve.comNew Jersey100 - 249Inquire$50,000+
17. Melcher Studios
http://melcher.caCanadaUnder 49Inquire$10,000+
18. Never Settle
https://neversettle.itColoradoUnder 49Inquire$1,000+
19. ScaleFocus
https://www.scalefocus.comBulgaria1000 & Up$70/hrInquire
20. Software Brothers
https://softwarebrothers.coPolandUnder 49$55/hr$10,000+
21. SOZO
https://sozodesign.co.ukUnited KingdomUnder 49$120/hr$10,000+
22. ApogeeINVENT
https://apogeeinvent.comIdahoUnder 49InquireUnder $1,000
23. Techuz InfoWeb
https://www.techuz.comIndia50 - 99$20/hr$1,000+
24. Next Big Technologyhttps://nextbigtechnology.comIndiaUnder 49$20/hr$1,000+
25. Matchbox Design Grouphttps://matchboxdesigngroup.comMissouriUnder 49$125/hr$10,000+
26. JetRuby Agencyhttps://jetruby.comCalifornia100 - 249$45/hr$10,000+
27. Romexsofthttps://www.romexsoft.comUkraine50 - 99$35/hr$25,000+
28. EMERGEhttps://www.emergeinteractive.comOregonUnder 49$185/hr$50,000+
29. Visualwebz LLC https://visualwebz.comWashingtonUnder 49$99/hr
30. Decipher Zone Softwareshttps://decipherzone.comIndia
50 - 99
Under $1,000
31. CodeRidershttp://www.coderiders.amArmenia
Under 49
32. Anadeahttps://anadea.infoUkraine
100 - 249
33. Clustoxhttps://www.clustox.comPakistan
Under 49
34. AIST Globalhttps://aist.globalArmenia
Under 49
35. Andolasofthttp://www.andolasoft.comCalifornia100 - 249
36. Cubixhttps://www.cubix.co/mobile-appWashington100 - 249
37. UkrInSofThttps://ukrinsoft.comUkraine
50 - 99
38. 2muchcoffeehttps://2muchcoffee.comNew YorkUnder 49
39. CyberCrowhttp://cybercrow.comGeorgiaUnder 49
40. C2 Digitalhttps://c2-digital.comFloridaUnder 49
Under $1,000
41. Prishusofthttps://www.prishusoft.comIndia
Under 49
42. PixelCrayonshttps://www.pixelcrayons.comIndia500 - 999
43. MaxSofthttps://maxsoft.bgBulgaria
Under 49
44. Highland Solutionshttps://highlandsolutions.com/contact-usIllinoisUnder 49
45. IntexSofthttps://www.intexsoft.comBelarus
100 - 249
46. CognitiveCloudshttps://www.cognitiveclouds.comCalifornia100 - 249$25/hr
47. F5 Studiohttps://f5-studio.comUkraine
Under 49
48. Growth Rockethttps://www.growth-rocket.comCalifornia
50 - 99
49. Hexagon IT Solutionshttps://hexagonitsolutions.comUtah50 - 99
50. IPIX Tech Services PVT LTDhttps://www.ipixtechnologies.comIndia50 - 99
Under $1,000
51. Entrisionhttps://entrision.comWisconsinUnder 49$125/hr
52. ADK Grouphttps://www.adkgroup.comMassachusetts50 - 99$150/hr$1,000+
53. Aelieve, LLChttps://aelieve.comIowaUnder 49$80/hrUnder $1,000
54. Elevated Internet Marketing
https://www.elevated.comCaliforniaUnder 49$150/hr$1,000+
55. Matellio LLC
https://www.matellio.comCalifornia100 - 249$25/hr$1,000+
56. Website Web Designshttps://websitewebdesigns.co.zaSouth AfricaUnder 49$20/hrUnder $1,000
57. OnGraph Technologies
https://www.ongraph.comNew York250 - 499$20/hr$1,000+
58. UkrInSofT
https://ukrinsoft.comUkraine50 - 99$26/hr$10,000+

What Do Web Development Companies Do?

Web development companies conceptualize, develop and maintain different types of websites, from static corporate ones to dynamic eCommerce stores.

They serve businesses in all industries from nonprofit to real estate, healthcare and eCommerce - to name a few.

Web development firms build, design and maintain websites for businesses.

Their team consists of project managers, programmers and designers who specialize in:

  • Web strategy
  • Web design
  • Web development using different languages and platforms
  • Web security
  • Web maintenance
  • Web hosting
  • And more
web designer creating sitemap
63% of shopping happens online.

Types Of Web Developers

For web development companies to deliver high-quality services to their clients, they have a team of specialized web developers that perform different tasks.

They include:

  • Front-end developers: They design the look and feel of websites and apps. Front-end developers are fluent in CSS, JavaScript and HTML which allows them to make the product look appealing with different styles, colors, interactive elements, etc. Thanks to these web developers, the websites and apps they create are engaging and user-friendly which is essential in providing the users with a great experience.
  • Back-end developers: These developers write code that makes websites and apps function. Back-end designers use languages such as Python, Java, PHP, JavaScript and Ruby.
  • Full-stack developers: Full-stack developers are skilled in both front-end and back-end development. They design and develop entire websites and apps.

Depending on your needs, when you hire a web development agency, you will work closely with the web developers who will try to meet your objectives and fulfill your goals.

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Types Of Web Development Companies

Much like web developers, web development companies specialize in different tasks, from front-end to full-stack development.

However, web development firms can also differ based on the web platform they specialize in.

Here is a list of the most popular platforms for web development companies:

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Symfony
  • Angular JS
  • React.js
  • Cake PHP
  • Asp.net
  • Node.js
  • Yii Framework
  • Meteor
  • Laravel
web developer creating websites
The best web development companies offer high-quality web development services.

Why Hire A Web Development Agency?

40% of people leave websites if they take more than 3 seconds to load. (Neil Patel)

Did you know that websites that have a lower bounce rate tend to rank higher?

There are many reasons why a visitor would leave a certain page and taking it a long time to load is one of them.

Top web development companies are experts in website building and optimizing the loading speed.

Remember, the more time people spend on your website, the higher it will rank on search engines.

40% of people leave a website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load

94% of all first impressions on a website are design-related. (ResearchGate)

Having an appealing web design is no longer an option - it is a necessity as it helps businesses stand out from the crowd and attract their target audience.

Counting on the help of a web development agency will give you the opportunity to get a high-quality and compelling website that will help you outperform your competitors.

63% of shopping starts online. (Think with Google)

Being present online gives businesses a chance to increase their revenues. When your audience is able to find your products and services on search engines, they are more likely to convert.

Having a fully optimized website will give your brand a chance to be placed in front of the eyes of consumers which will lead to more sales.

63% of shopping occassions start online

How Much Do Web Development Firms Charge?

Most of the top web development companies charge hourly.

For instance, a US-based web development agency could cost you about $100-$175 per hour per person.

If you decide to hire an overseas web development company, then the cost will be lower.

East European web development firms, for instance, might charge you $55-$75 per hour per person.

In some cases, web developers might charge per project. Then, the price will mainly depend on the following factors:

  • The type of project: Does your business need a new website or do you only want to redesign it? How many elements and features will the website include? Think about your needs before you consider the cost and choose a pricing plan.
  • The number of web developers who work on it: If you need website development and design then front-end and back-end developers will work on it. However, the number of web developers who will work on your project will depend on its complexity as well. The more complex it is, the more people will be engaged in it.
  • The scope and the timeframe: When top web development companies charge per project, they also take into account the time that they spend working on your project. The bigger the project is, the higher the price will be.

For the exact cost of your project, it is best if you contact each of the potential web development companies since they will provide you with the best answer.

web development copmpanies cost

How To Choose The Best Web Development Agency For Your Business

Wondering how to choose the right web development company for your business?

Here are a few factors to consider that will make your choice easier:

  • Check their portfolio: Evaluating the experience and expertise of the top web development companies is essential since it will help you understand which web developers can you work with and whether they can meet your requirements.
  • Ask for the exact price: Before you meet with the potential web developers make sure you think about how much you are able to spend on web development services and set a budget. Then, ask web development firms for the exact cost of your project. This will help you understand which of them you can afford.
  • Go through their reviews: Reviews will give you an insight into how reliable the web developers you consider are. Looking at them is essential since they may be the key thing that will help you make a decision.
  • Post-launch support: Do the companies you consider offer web development services after the launch? Make sure you hire web developers who will be there once your project is completed since websites need to be constantly updated.
  • Industry experience: Ask the top web development companies whether they have experience in working with clients in your industry. It is advisable to pick web developers who have worked on developing websites in your niche because they will better understand your needs and your target market.

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Interviewing Web Development Firms: 10 Questions to Ask

  1. How do you stay up-to-date with the latest tools and technologies in website design and development?
  2. Do you have an up-to-date portfolio where I can see what projects you have worked on and what results have you delivered?
  3. Where can I find your client reviews?
  4. Do you have experience in creating websites for businesses in my industry?
  5. Do you optimize the websites for search?
  6. Who will work on my project and who will be the main point of contact?
  7. Will you consider my ideas and opinions when developing my website?
  8. Do you offer after launch web development services and what do they include?
  9. How much will my project cost?
  10. What is the deadline for the project?

Found A Web Development Company? Here’s One Last Tip To Consider

By this point, you’ve probably narrowed your list of potential web development firms down and maybe even picked your partner.

However, before your project starts, there is one last thing to do.

Sign the contract!

Before you put your signature on the agreement paper, make sure you consult your lawyer.

Make sure the web development agency you partner with adjusts to your requirements and don’t hesitate to talk with the web developers to make any changes.

Your website is about to be built.


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