14.1% of all retail sales were made online in 2019, up from 7.4% in 2015, generating a total of $3.5 trillion. It is predicted that by 2023, 22% of retail sales will come from online shopping channels.

SoftwareDevelopmentCompany.co, a B2B marketplace connecting brands with software developers, determined the best software experts that brands can use to develop high-performance platforms for eCommerce.

The top eCommerce software development companies are:

1. Brave River – braveriver.com
Expertise: Web Design & Development, Software Development, IT Managed Services and more

2. Code Inspiration – codeinspiration.pro
Expertise: Web Development, Mobile Development, Web Design and more

3. Digit Bazar IT Solutions Private Limited – digitbazar.com
Expertise: Web Development, Mobile App Development, Digital Marketing and more

4. Digital Skynet – digitalskynet.com
Expertise: Development, Design, Pre-Development and more

5. Forbytes – forbytes.com
Expertise: Software Development, Mobile Development, UX/UI Design and more

6. fram^ – wearefram.com
Expertise: Consulting Services, Digital Development, Operations and more

7. Huspi – huspi.com
Expertise: Product Development, Digital Strategy, Business Analysis and more

8. InApps Technology – inapps.net
Expertise: Mobile App Development, Web Development, UX/UI Design and more

9. Incipient Corp. – incipientcorp.com
Expertise: Software Development Strategy, Design, Technology and more

10. IntexSoft – intexsoft.com
Expertise: Web Development, Mobile App Development, Enterprise Software and more

11. Ionixx Technologies Private Limited – ionixxtech.com
Expertise: Product Development, Mobile Application, Web Development and more

12. KitRUM – kitrum.com
Expertise: Software Engineering, Software Product Development, Mobile Apps Development and more

13. LCloud – lcloud.pl
Expertise: Application and Infrastructure Migration, Application Deployment, Application Scaling and more

14. MaxSoft – maxsoft.bg
Expertise: Consulting Services, Software Solutions, Technologies and more

15. Mumble – mumbleideas.it
Expertise: Consulting, Website Design, Mobile App Design and more

16. Romexsoft – romexsoft.com
Expertise: DevOps Services, Custom Software Development, UI/UX Design and more

17. Web Mavens – webmavens.com
Expertise: Custom Web Application, Website Design, Mobile Apps and more

18. Whidegroup – whidegroup.com
Expertise: Web Development, Server Tuning, Web and Mobile UI/UX Design and more

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Source: Yahoo! Finance

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