96% of pastors use computers at church and 74% of churches facilitate giving via online channels.

SoftwareDevelopmentCompany.co, a B2B marketplace connecting brands with software developers, identified the top software solutions available for churches who use computers for operations or want to grow their online functions.

The top church management software solutions are:

1. Church Community Builder – churchcommunitybuilder.com
Capabilities: Church management system available via web and apps

2. Church Windows – churchwindows.com
Capabilities: Facilitates everything from scheduling to accounting

3. Servant Keeper – servantpc.com
Capabilities: Church management system with advanced communication features

4. By the Book’s Roll Call – bythebook.com
Capabilities: Church software for congregation management

5. Churchteams Software – churchteams.com
Capabilities: Helps manage almost all aspects of a church community

6. Raklet – hello.raklet.com/church-software
Capabilities: All-in-one church management system

7. Nucleus – nucleus.church
Capabilities: Convenient website builder

8. CahabaWorks – cahabacreek.com
Capabilities: The best church management software for funds management

9. Breeze – breezechms.com
Capabilities: Convenient system for smaller congregations

10. Aplos – aplos.com
Capabilities: One of the few systems with automation abilities

11. Chmeetings – chmeetings.com
Capabilities: Cloud-based tool for planning and managing church events

12. DONATION – software4nonprofits.com
Capabilities: Tracks the church’s donors and sources of contribution

13. Text In Church – textinchurch.com
Capabilities: Keeps church members engaged and well-informed

14. Continue To Give – continuetogive.com
Capabilities: Online giving solution

15. Ministry Platform – thinkministry.com/ministryplatform
Capabilities: Allows large-scale customization and scalability

16. Call-Em-All – call-em-all.com
Capabilities: Provides reliable and personalized messaging services

17. MissionMakr – missionmakr.com
Capabilities: Online short-trip mission software

18. Go Church App – gochurchapp.com
Capabilities: Customizable communication software

19. One Church Software – onechurchsoftware.com
Capabilities: Cloud-based church management tool

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Source: Yahoo! Finance

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