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Our expert analysts have researched the best eCommerce software development companies that create highly functional online stores. Find a partner based on the average cost of services, location, team size and more. Here are the top three:

1st place - gold - top software development companies


ScienceSoft is a leading software development company that has extensive experience in developing custom eCommerce solutions for various industries. Their client base includes mid-size businesses as well as large corporations such as eBay and Nestle. 

2nd place - silver - top software development companies

The Gnar Company logo top software development companies

The Gnar Company

The Gnar is highly proficient in coming up with scalable, reliable and responsive eCommerce products aimed at enhancing your online store’s success and boosting conversions. They design responsive sites, help with marketing and SEO campaigns, and devise digital strategies to help clients achieve their goals.

3rd place - bronze - top software development companies

emerge logo enterprise software development companies


Emerge is a leading software development company that aims to deliver high-quality eCommerce products through their diverse knowledge of design and technology. Working with clients such as Lego, AT&T, Mercedes-Benz, Unilever, Nike and Starbucks, the company has an extensive track record in eCommerce software development.

Best eCommerce Development Companies Of 2020

Brands that sell goods and services online need reliable software or website to improve customer experience, optimize customer journeys and increase conversions. Explore our list of the best eCommerce developers here:

CompanyWebsiteLocationTeam SizeAverage RateMinimal Budget
1. ScienceSofthttps://www.scnsoft.comTexas 500 - 999$50/hr$10,000+
2. The Gnar Companyhttps://www.thegnar.coMassachusetts Under 49$150/hr$10,000+
3. Altar.iohttps://altar.ioPortugalUnder 49$100/hr$25,000+
4. EMERGEhttps://www.emergeinteractive.comOregon Under 49$185/hr$50,000+
5. CognitiveCloudshttps://www.cognitiveclouds.comCalifornia 100 - 249$25/hr$25,000+
6. SmartSiteshttps://www.smartsites.comNew Jersey 50 - 99$100/hrInquire
7. Syberry Corporationhttps://www.syberry.comTexas250 - 499$40/hr$50,000+
8. brandastic.comhttps://brandastic.comCalifornia Under 49$130/hr$10,000+
9. Web Design Sun®https://www.webdesignsun.comSpainUnder 49$30/hr$25,000+
10. Exposithttps://www.exposit.comBelarus100 - 249$28/hr$10,000+
11. Accubits Technologieshttps://accubits.comVirginia 100 - 249$22/hr$10,000+
12. Terasol Technologieshttps://www.terasoltechnologies.comNew YorkUnder 49$50/hr$10,000+
13. Apiumhubhttps://apiumhub.comSpainUnder 49$60/hr$10,000+
14. Attract Grouphttps://attractgroup.comNevada Under 49$35/hr$10,000+
15. Rubyroid Labshttps://rubyroidlabs.comBelarus50-99$35/hr$1,000+
16. Leveragehttps://www.leveragestl.comMissouri Under 49$100/hr$10,000+
17. Spiral Scouthttps://spiralscout.comCalifornia Under 49$75/hr$25,000+
18. FOONKIE MONKEY - 99$30/hr$10,000+
19. ArtVersion Interactivehttps://artversion.comIllinois Under 49$165/hr$10,000+
20. Mobikasa New York50 - 99$50/hr$10,000+
21. lyrahttp://lyra.digitalSpainUnder 49Inquire$10,000+
22. HMG Creativehttps://hmgcreative.comTexas Under 49$150/hr$10,000+
23. Applaudo Studioshttps://applaudostudios.comTexas 100 - 249$75/hr$10,000+
24. K2 Analytics INChttps://www.k2analytics.comNevada Under 49$100/hr$1,000+
25. fram^https://wearefram.comVietnam100 - 249InquireInquire
26. Betanethttps://www.betanet.coIsraelUnder 49InquireInquire
27. Buzz Interactivehttps://www.buzzinteractive.coPakistanUnder 49$45/hr$1,000+
28. Ideahttp://www.idea.ltLithuaniaUnder 49$50/hr$1,000+
29. Techliancehttps://www.techliance.comUtah Under 49$20/hr$1,000+
30. Norderbergshttps://norderbergs.comSwedenUnder 49$75/hr$1,000+
31. Megahttp://themega.agencyRhode Island Under 49$75/hr$1,000+
32. JaJuMa GmbHhttps://www.jajuma.deGermanyUnder 49$95/hrUnder $1,000
33. Kontra Agencyhttps://kontra.agencyCroatiaUnder 49$50/hr$1,000+
34. Appus Studio LPhttps://appus.softwareUkraineUnder 49$27/hr$1,000+
35. Techunido Software Solutionshttps://www.techunido.comIndia50 - 99$50/hrUnder $1,000
36. Planet Web Solutions Pvt. Ltdhttps://www.planetwebsolution.comIndia100 - 249$25/hr$1,000+
37. Visualwebz LLChttps://visualwebz.comWashington Under 49$99/hr$1,000+
38. Jyaasa Technologieshttp://jyaasa.comNepalUnder 49$20/hr$1,000+
39. Next Big Technologyhttps://nextbigtechnology.comIndiaUnder 49$20/hr$1,000+
40. Shugert 49$90/hr$1,000+
41. Tudiphttps://tudip.comCalifornia250 - 499$15/hr$1,000+
42. iTec Mediahttps://itec.mediaVirginia Under 49$75/hr$1,000+
43. Carson E-commerce Inc.https://heycarson.comCanadaUnder 49$50/hrUnder $1,000
44. VOCSO Technologieshttps://www.vocso.comIndiaUnder 49$50/hrUnder $1,000
45. IIH Global United Kingdom30-50$20/hr$1,000+
46. Decipher Zone Softwareshttps://decipherzone.comIndia50-99$10/hrUnder $1,000
47. Max Effect Marketinghttps://www.maxeffectmarketing.comColorado Under 49$60/hr$1,000+
48. Capsicum Mediaworks LLPhttps://capsicummediaworks.comIndiaUnder 49$25/hr$1,000+
49. Spantik Digitalhttps://www.spantik.digitalPakistanUnder 49$25/hrUnder $1,000
50. Aurora, Russian SEO Companyhttps://www.seo-russia.comRussiaUnder 49$25/hrUnder $1,000
51. Quinn Marketing 49$180/hr$1,000+
52. the Design Agencyhttps://www.designagency.grGreeceUnder 49$59/hr$1,000+
53. IntexSofthttps://www.intexsoft.comBelarus100 - 249$35/hr$1,000+
54. Techmango Technology Serviceshttps://www.techmango.netIndia100 - 249$25/hrUnder $1,000
55. Romexsofthttps://www.romexsoft.comUkraine50 - 99$35/hr$25,000+
56. Mobicommercehttps://www.mobicommerce.netTexas50-99$25/hr$10,000+
57. Software Brothershttps://softwarebrothers.coPolandUnder 49$55/hr$10,000+
58. JetRuby Agencyhttp://jetruby.comCalifornia 100 - 249$45/hr$10,000+
59. Intelliashttps://www.intellias.comUkraine1000 & Up$40/hr$50,000+
60. Hakuna Consultinghttps://hakunaconsulting.comSpainUnder 49$15/hrUnder $1,000
61. Factoryhttps://www.factory.hrCroatiaUnder 49$50/hr$10,000+
62. Onilabhttps://onilab.comCalifornia Under 49$37/hrInquire
63. Ketekhttps://www.ketek.roRomaniaUnder 49$35/hr$10,000+
64. HTML Pro New York 50 - 99$75/hr$1,000+
65. Unified Infotech Inc New York 100 - 249$25/hr$10,000+
66. Appscriphttps://www.appscrip.comGeorgia 100 - 249$25/hr$10,000+
67. Social Media 55https://socialmedia55.comCanadaUnder 49
68. TypeTrail Mediahttps://typetrail.comMinnesota Under 49
Under $1,000
69. OS-Systemhttps://os-system.comUkraine50 - 99
70. PSL Corp - 999
71. Delasignhttps://www.delasign.comNew York Under 49
72. Software Development Resources Inc.https://softdevresources.comNew York Under 49
Under $1,000
73. YellowFin Digitalhttps://yellowfindigital.comTexas Under 49
74. Talmatichttps://talmatic.comIrelandUnder 49
75. TechBear.comhttps://techbear.comNew JerseyUnder 49
76. MaxSofthttps://maxsoft.bgBulgariaUnder 49
77. Envision Dennis Romano LLChttps://envisiondr.comNew JerseyUnder 49
78. Decima Digitalhttps://decimadigital.comEstoniaUnder 49
79. Website Web Designs AfricaUnder 49
Under $1,000
80. Splash Designworks LLChttps://splashdw.comDelaware Under 49

What Is An eCommerce Software Development Company?

An eCommerce software development firm specializes in creating software that powers online retail stores.

It includes everything from the website, customer relationship management (CRM) and inventory management systems to the online payment processor, contact forms and everything in between.

According to eMarketer, global retail sales are expected to increase by 4.5% by 2023.

The number of online consumers is rapidly increasing year by year.

However, research conducted by OptinMonster shows that the number of cart abandonments in the retail industry is 72.8%.

The best way to increase the number of conversions is by improving your clients’ loyalty.

And, that is possible only by developing a compelling and fully functional software which is why you should consider investing in eCommerce development services.

What Does An eCommerce Developer Do?

eCommerce developers build customized software solutions that help your eCommerce business achieve goals. These objectives can include:

  • Increasing website traffic
  • Increasing sales
  • Growing revenue
  • Expanding your eCommerce market
  • Fulfilling orders faster
  • Improving customer checkout
  • And more

So, an eCommerce software development company will:

  • Work with your business to identify the features and functionalities you need
  • Design interface
  • Write code to build the system
  • Test the eCommerce software to ensure it works
  • Deploy the new eCommerce software solutions
  • Provide support to maintain its performance over time
Best Ecommerce Software Development Companies
eCommerce development companies help businesses establish fully-functioning online stores

The Types Of eCommerce Solutions

The best eCommerce software development companies offer various types of solutions including:

  • Web-based software: Web-based applications allow businesses to interact with a remote server through a web browser interface. Their customers use it through the web and don’t need to install additional software. An example of web-based software is WordPress.
  • Mobile apps: Mobile eCommerce apps are integrated software that customers need to download and install. They run on mobile devices and brands use them to promote their products and services. Amazon is one of the most popular mobile eCommerce apps on the market with 150.6 million mobile users in September 2019.
  • Business to consumer (B2C) eCommerce software: Business to consumer eCommerce platforms bring a business’ product or service portfolio to their online customer base. These customers are private individuals in the markets where the business can legally and logistically (shipping, for example) serve them.
  • Peer to peer (P2P) eCommerce software: Peer to peer eCommerce platforms act as marketplaces for private individuals and private sales. eBay is the best example of this as a platform where private individuals sell their excess, used or unique property to other private individuals.
  • Business to Business (B2B) eCommerce software: Business to business software brings a business’ product or service portfolio to their online business clients. Many B2C-first platforms also create special offers for businesses, but the best examples of purely B2B eCommerce software are usually subscription-based online services like eCommerce platforms themselves (Shopify, Magento, etc.), process automation, business travel management and other similar platforms.

An eCommerce store depends on a highly functional digital platform, so proper eCommerce development is the key to success.

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The Best Platform To Build An eCommerce Website On

There are many website platforms that eCommerce developers can build a site on, and each comes with its own pros and cons.

Some platforms, such as Magento and Shopify, are powerful systems that allow for complex customization and are great for large-scale online retail stores.

While others, such as WooCommerce from WordPress, can also be personalized, but are better suited towards small to medium-sized eCommerce brands.

Other common eCommerce website platforms include:

  • BigCommerce
  • 3dcart
  • Volusion
  • Drupal
  • And more

However, the best eCommerce development company will be able to work with your brand to determine the right platform that suits your brand's needs and objectives.

What Does A Magento eCommerce Development Company Do?

A Magento eCommerce development company specializes in developing apps and websites using the Magento eCommerce platform.

They provide businesses with easy shopping features, highly customizable, secure and reliable product that is extendable for future growth.

Here are some of the services these agencies offer:

  • Magento theme development
  • Magento eCommerce development
  • Magento CMS development
  • Magento module development
  • Magento shopping cart development
  • Magento website development
  • Custom Magento development
  • Magento extension customization
  • And more

Most businesses rely on the help of a Magento eCommerce company because the solutions they offer are SEO friendly, have great performance and scalability.

What Does A Shopify eCommerce Development Company Do?

A Shopify eCommerce development company creates digital solutions using the Shopify eCommerce platform.

They help brands grow by developing fully functional and scalable online stores with many advanced features including direct selling across different platforms.

Here’s what these companies specialize in:

  • Shopify SEO
  • Shopify customization
  • Shopify development
  • Shopify integration
  • Shopify migration solutions
  • Shopify theme design
  • Shopify upgrade and maintenance
  • And more

As this platform states, more than 1,000,000 businesses consider Shopify eCommerce development worldwide mostly because of its reliability, powerful marketing tools and outstanding customer support.

How Much Do eCommerce Development Services Cost?

The cost of eCommerce development services will mostly depend on how complex your project will be, the number of developers who will work on it and the timeframe.

However, it will also depend on the location of the eCommerce developer.

Thereby, here is how much you should approximately expect:

  • Eastern Europe: $27- $35 per person, per hour
  • India: $10- $50 per person, per hour
  • The USA: $35-$185 per person, per hour

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How Much Does It Cost To Develop An eCommerce Website

The cost of an eCommerce website will primarily depend on several factors including:

  • Your goals and expectations
  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Data imports
  • Domain name
  • Hosting
  • Integration
  • SSL certificate
  • Payment gateway
  • SEO features
  • And more

What’s more, the price also varies based on the platform the website is built with. Whether you choose a Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce or any other platform, the price also ranges from company to company.

However, approximately, an eCommerce website can cost between $5000 to $50,000. But, if we are talking about a very complex website with many features, then businesses can pay as high as a few million dollars.

5 Reasons To Hire An eCommerce Software Development Company

It is expected that by 2040, 95% of all online purchases will be eCommerce.

Therefore, brands that are in the retail industry should consider eCommerce development services to grow their businesses.

Here are the top five benefits of hiring an eCommerce development company:

  • Technical support: After your product is launched, it will require maintenance and updates. The eCommerce development company you hire will be there post-launch to meet your needs and keep your product up-to-date.
  • Integration of payment systems: There are different payment methods on the market. eCommerce developers will not only help you find the safest and most efficient payment systems, but they will also integrate them with your product.
  • Creativity: The best eCommerce software development companies have a team of designers who will make your software compelling and highly user-friendly. They will help you stand out from your competition and improve your brand recognition.
  • User experience: UX is one of the most important factors for eCommerce products because it directly affects sales and organic search. An eCommerce developer will come up with a website or software that is clean and easy to navigate, making the purchasing process as easy as possible.
  • SEO: Every successful website should be search engine optimized to attract searchers with high purchase intent, bringing in more website traffic and qualified leads.
Ecommerce websites on different devices
User experience is one of the most vital aspects when creating an online shop

How To Find The Right eCommerce Development Company For Your Business?

Hiring an eCommerce development company, just like hiring any other software company, requires strategy and research.

The first step is always to clearly define your business requirements and goals you hope to achieve by considering eCommerce development services.

When it comes to the software itself, you can start by outlining the high-level requirements.

Think whether you need an eCommerce website, mobile solution or both.

Then, try to understand what will be the core functionalities your eCommerce software should have. Should it integrate with other systems - CRM, mailing client and courier service, for instance?

A high to a mid-level sketch of your requirement would suffice to initiate the search for an eCommerce development partner.

You will continue to refine your eCommerce software requirement and sketch the solution guided by the eCommerce developer once you make your choice.

With your vision clearly defined, the search for your perfect eCommerce development partner can begin.

Consider the following factors to make your search easier:

  • Location: The best eCommerce software development companies are too many to count, so deciding whether to go for a home-grown or a foreign one will make that number much more manageable.
  • Budget: The best eCommerce developers charge differently. So, make a selection of potential companies and determine your budget. Then ask each of them for a price estimate to see which of them you can work with.
  • Industry experience: The best eCommerce software development companies have experience in many fields. But have they served your niche before? Make sure the developer you hire knows your industry and audience well to ensure the success of your project.

Hiring Local vs. Foreign eCommerce Development Companies

Here are a few tips to help you decide.

On the one hand, local eCommerce developers speak your language, are close enough to visit your offices and understand the business environment you operate in

What’s more, they are also internationally competitive and keep abreast of the latest trends in the industry.

There is a cost associated with these advantages, though.

If you are looking to hire a home-grown eCommerce development company, be prepared to cash out about $10,000 - 50,000 for your project.

On the other hand, many businesses are offshoring their eCommerce software development to get the best of both worlds: a well-developed solution and an eye-catching user interface (UI) at a great price.

The inherent disadvantages of offshoring, however, surround a crucial aspect of development which is communication.

Different time zones, language proficiency and cultural differences can take their toll on the development process, so if you opt for offshoring, it is important that you go in prepared with a strategy to cover all contingencies.

Foreign eCommerce companies, especially those in the regions known for their lower cost of living, typically command lower prices. The leading regions, in this respect, are:

  • Eastern Europe
  • South-Eastern Europe
  • South Asia
  • South-Eastern Asia
  • East Asia

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10 Questions To Ask When Interviewing eCommerce Software Development Companies

  1. How do you approach UI and user experience (UX) design? An above-par eCommerce development company will strive to develop an in-depth understanding of your target market and let their findings guide their creative process. They will take the data-first approach and argument every decision they make.
  2. Have you developed similar eCommerce software in terms of industry and/or functionality? Previous experience and domain knowledge could greatly accelerate the eCommerce software development process, but should not be the decisive factor in your decision making.
  3. Where can I see your portfolio? Previous experience in your industry will help your partner understand and meet your goals faster, if not better.
  4. Which technologies have you mastered and why you’ve chosen to specialize in those in particular? Tech is changing by the day and a serious eCommerce development company will strive to be on top of their game, always. However, sometimes novelty is not the best indicator of agility, so if your prospective development partner has chosen to forsake the latest tool on the market, seek justification for their decision.
  5. What is your typical development process like, end-to-end? Your ideal eCommerce developer will have a strong sense of structure in their approach to development. They will also clearly indicate your and your team’s roles and responsibilities in the process; For instance, they will seek to identify the stakeholders in your organization including a person who will authorize the UX and UI designs, one who will provide inventories, another to supervise copy, content, branding, and more.
  6. What features do you think my product will need? Your software will be unique and developed for your needs only. Thus, define your goals and communicate them with the best eCommerce development companies. Then, ask what features your software will need to meet your requirements.
  7. Do you offer post-development services? You need to make sure the company you hire will be there to update your software to the latest platform versions and handle security threats. This is important in keeping your product up-to-date and fully-functional.
  8. How long will it take to finish my project? It may happen that the best eCommerce developers work on several projects at the same time. However, obviously, you want your product finished as soon as possible. Therefore, ask the best eCommerce software development companies what is the deadline and ask them to include it in your contract.
  9. Who will work on my project? It is important to know who will work on your project and who will you communicate with. You need to make sure that the people you work with are easy-going and communicative to ensure the success of your project. And knowing who they are in advance will help you achieve that.
  10. How do you charge? Every eCommerce development company has different pricing plans. So, ask how they charge and compare prices. This will also tell you which of the developers you can afford.


The eCommerce market size is showing no sign of slowing down; On the contrary, it is expected to fully overtake physical retail in a not-so-distant future.

This is why retail brands are advised to invest in their online presence.

The best eCommerce development companies are creative and can help your business grow by providing you with a compelling and functional product.

To choose the best partner:

  • Consider the location of the potential companies and think whether you want to outsource your business or hire a company that is close to distance.
  • Check the portfolios of the developers on our list and see which of them has experience in your industry.
  • Ask for a price estimate to see which of these companies fits your budget.

Your project is on the way!


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