What Is Custom Software Development?

Custom software is a form of software solution that is created and developed specifically for one organization, brand, business, or individual.

Often called bespoke software or tailor-made software, custom software solutions typically help brands improve efficiency, productivity, consumer relations, and ultimately increase revenue, because the elements were developed with specific objectives in mind.

The antithetical form of software is called readymade software or off-the-shelf software. These solutions are created, developed and owned by a third party with the idea of serving a large mass of clients instead of just one.

Although many readymade software solutions can be customized, they ultimately cater to the masses and require regular licensing fees.

The Top 4 Advantages Of Custom Software

Although readymade software can be enticing for businesses — particularly due to their lower costs and easy implementation — investing in customized software solutions can provide a bevy of benefits that cultivate a far better return on investment over time.

Some of these include:

1. The Software Is Tailored To Your Brand’s Exact Specifications

The most obvious advantage that custom software provides is that it is developed to a brand’s exact needs.

Readymade software may have some features that could be helpful for your brand. But because it is meant to service a wide variety of businesses, it is highly unlikely it will have all the functionalities you will need to reach peak productivity.

However, custom software solutions are built with only your business in mind, which means it can include every requirement you need to succeed.

2. Customized Software Can Be Scaled Easily

Plus, because personalized software is built for specific businesses instead of a wide range, it can easily integrate with a business AND scale as the brand expands.

While custom software solutions are being developed, brands can communicate where they see the business going and how they anticipate it growing.

Then, outsourced software developers can build the software so it can accommodate that growth down the road.

3. Personalized Software Can Actually Have Lower Costs Over Time

Readymade software solutions may seem cheaper at first. However, it is important to remember that the low, low fee businesses initially see is typically a recurring cost — whether that is monthly or yearly.

Therefore, businesses who are searching for a long-term solution often find that they shell out far more money than they anticipated with readymade software.

Although customized software solutions have higher upfront costs for development and execution, they don’t require long-term recurring fees, which often make them far less expensive over time… and that’s not even counting the likely increase in return on investment!

4. Your Brand Owns The Software Outright

Although readymade software may seem like the easier solution, it’s important to remember that — with off-the-shelf software — you don’t actually own the product you’re using. Instead, you’re paying regular fees to use someone else’s product, making you beholden to their rules, regulations, features, functionalities, updates, and more.

Plus, if you ever decide to stop using the software, you don’t retain anything.

However, when you invest that money you would have spent on licensing on developing custom software instead, you’ll end the process with an additional product that is completely yours — meaning you control it in its entirety.

The idea is similar to renting a house as opposed to purchasing one. Although some people may prefer to “rent,” many people (or brands, in your case) prefer to invest in their own autonomous product.

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